We all know how smart phone dependent our society has become, particularly, I would say, in the last 5 years. You notice it most when you inexplicably forget/lose your phone and have to function a full day without it; or when you tell a child there was a time before Instagram and Candy Crush and see their look of horror; or when you receive Snapchats from your parents and Facebook friend requests from your grandparents.

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Mobile marketing, shockingly enough, is any type of marketing that is through a network that consumers connect to with their mobile device, be that a phone or tablet.

It pretty much goes without saying though how important mobile marketing has become and how it is most likely the future of all marketing. It enables marketers to ‘personalise’ their message to each consumer – yet on a mass scale. It also allows the creation of branded user-generated content which can have a greater impact on consumers.

Or just become a bit of a joke like some ridiculous Snapchat filters:

snapchat brand 3
featuring Creme Eggs,
snapchat brand 2
snapchat brand 1
or Skittles

Mobile marketing is just like a relationship with Anne-Marie… If you’re gonna do it, do it right!

(Do you really want to be that lazy company whose ad comes up to annoy a person right after they die in Candy Crush?)

 So take it from these brands and their creative ways to get you hooked via your mobile…

1. IKEA’s Augmented Reality App


We all know about how the IKEA catalogue has more copies printed each year than the Bible (which is no mean feat). But a paper catalogue can only get you so far in picking out furniture. This is where the IKEA app comes in handy.

All the customer needs is a smartphone or tablet with the IKEA Catalogue app installed on it (for free) and a paper copy of the IKEA catalogue (can’t let the Bible win now can we?).

The customer simply puts the paper copy of the catalogue where they would like the new piece of furniture to go (for size reference) and the app digitally imposes the product onto the camera so you can get an idea of what the couch/bookshelf/table/etc will look like in the space. Genius. And simultaneously saving you from dreaded IKEA-fight with your partner.


2. NIVEA: Protecting Brazilian Children

Now I love it when a marketing campaign is not only innovative but comes up with something altruistically beneficial to society. That’s what the Nivea Sun Kids Campaign achieved.

Nivea ran print adverts in Rio De Janeiro magazines with detachable ‘wrist bands’ that fit around a child’s arm. The parent downloaded the associated app which communicates with the wrist band and the app beeps to alert the parent when the child strays out of the radius designated by the parent.

This brilliant campaign emphasised the core message that Nivea wanted to express – that they protect your children from wandering off and their sunscreen protects their skin.


3. AUDI Saving Your Phone Battery, One App at a Time

What list of marketing campaigns would be complete without one from a car manufacturer?

The short lifespan of smartphones is an absolute buzzkill! Remember when you only had to charge your Nokia once every 3 days?! That is why more and more task-killing apps are being downloaded on Androids to try and save your battery.

Audi decided to get in on the action while promoting their stop-start technology – where the cars engine turns off when the car stops and restarts when the driver is ready to go. The app runs off the same principle, it lets you know when there are unused apps running in the background of your phone and you can use the stop-start button to turn some of them off.

What are your thoughts on this type of marketing? Does it really resonate with consumers more than your average print of TV ad campaign?


P.S – Love your Snapchats Mum and Dad… Keep ’em coming!




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