This is just a little something to say welcome to my new blog A Tale of Two Platforms.

“Hey!”  –
You may say.

“That sounds familiar! Is this a repressed memory from High School English?”
Why yes, you cunning reader it is a play off the title, A Tale of Two Cities.

Is it because I love Charles Dickens and A Tale of Two Cities? Is it because I thought the classic novel title would be a nice juxtaposition to the modern fast paced world of Digital Marketing? Is it because I really really wish I was hipster cool?

Possibly. All of the above.

But sadly the purpose of this blog is not to throw about poor-quality English puns. This blog is for Digital Marketing MKF3881 (at Monash Uni, if you just happen to be reading this for fun and not for comments).

I will be posting about a different topic (digital marketing related of course!) each week so follow along and join in the conversation. Hopefully it will be a fun ride!

Thanks for your time.

Kiri xx


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